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Products Electric High Capacity Shipboard Electric Water Heater

High Capacity Shipboard Electric Water Heater

Hubbell Seafare MSH & MH

80-5000 Gallon Capacity
15-1600 KW
All Voltages & Phases

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model msh


The Hubbell Model MSH and MH water heater is specifically designed for marine use on board a surface vessel or platform and is in USCG conformance and is ABS Type Approved. By utilizing deck and bulkhead mounting supports, the water heater is securely fastened to the ship structure, thus providing a secure and reliable water heater installation. The heavy duty carbon steel storage tank is lined with specially formulated hydrastone cement that provides superior protection, tank longevity and withstands demanding marine use.

When you specify and install a Hubbell model MSH or MH, knowing that it is in conformance with USCG regulations and is ABS Type Approved, you will have confidence that the ship owner will be provided with a quality product that is a long lasting and trouble-free source for hot water.

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  • Only high grade materials used in construction to ensure long operating life
  • Hydrastone cement lining provides superior protection and tank longevity
  • Heavy duty construction withstands demanding marine use

Marine Approved

  • United States Coast Guard (USCG) conformance and Type Approved by American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)

Mounting Systems

  • Heavy duty legs secure the tank to deck
  • Side-sway bulkhead attachment points provide added mounting stability
  • The entire mounting system is integrally welded to tank for maximum stability and safety

Packaged System

  • Fully packaged water heater saves time and money during installation
  • All electrical operating controls are factory selected and wired to ensure reliable operation
  • Full range of styles, sizes, and optional features to meet your exact water heating needs


Model MSH and MH Standard Equipment

Vessel Construction
  • All welded carbon steel vessel designed and built in strict accordance with the ASME Code Section IV and stamped, certified and registered with the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors
  • All internal tank surfaces are lined with a minimum of 5/8" thick Hydrastone cement for superior protection and tank longevity
  • Designed for 100 psi working pressure and hydrostatically tested at 150 psi (1 1/2 times the WP)
  • Heavy duty 2" thick fiberglass blanket insulation covers the pressure vessel for maximum operating efficiency and minimal standby heat loss
  • Heavy gauge galvanized steel protective jacket holds insulation in place and protected to ensure highly efficient operation
  • Integrally welded bulkhead attachment points
  • Entire vessel is supported on heavy duty integrally welded steel supports for sturdy deck mounting
  • Full five (5) year Non Pro-rated tank warranty and one (1) year electrical component warranty
  • Bronze ASME rated combination temperature and pressure safety relief valve set at the vessel working pressure and 210°F
  • ABS Type Approved and in conformance with USCG regulations
Electrical Operating Controls
  • All electrical operating controls are factory sized, selected, wired, tested and mounted in a NEMA 1 enclosure to ensure safe and reliable operation
  • A power distribution block is supplied for single point electrical installation
  • Power fuses rated at a maximum of 60 Amps protect each heating element branch circuit per NEC and UL requirements. Each branch circuit has a maximum rating of 48 Amps
  • Heavy duty definite purpose magnetic contactor with integrally mounted power fuse block assembly switches power on/off to each branch circuit
  • Heavy duty removable flange type immersion heating element provides long service life
  • Fully adjustable thermostat maintains accurate water temperature and is sized by the factory to control the appropriate number of heating element circuits
  • A generously sized transformer provides fused 120V to the control circuit
  • A fully adjustable (100-240°F) safety hi-limit device with manual reset interrupts power to the control circuit in the event of over-temperature water in the storage tank
  • Safety door interlock mechanism interrupts power to the control circuit upon opening the electrical control panel
  • Louvers in the control panel allow for cooling of the electrical components to ensure maximum electrical component longevity (when required)


Model MSH (vertical)

model msh drawing

Model MH (horizontal)

model mh drawing

Dimensional Data, Model MSH & MH

model mh and msh dimensional table

Notes: All dimensions are approximate and subject to change. Please reference the submittal drawing for actual dimensions. The tank selections above are shown for convenience.
* 80, 120, and 150 gallon tanks do not come equipped with a manway.

Formulas & Charts

KW Requirement:
_________ GPH x __________ °F ΔT x 0.00244 = __________ KW
Temperature Rise:
_________ KW x 410 ÷ ___________ GPH = ___________ °F ΔT
Flow Rate:
_________ KW x 410 ÷ ___________ °F ΔT = ___________ GPH

Recovery Ratings and Amperage at Selected KW

model msh formula table


Optional Equipment


  • Alternate protective lining: Penolic epoxy resin
  • Alternate vessel construction: Stainless Steel (304, 316, 316L), 90/10 Copper-Nickel, other
  • Alternate working pressure
  • Alternate tank design: ASME stamped to Section I or VIII


  • Skid mounting on heavy duty all welded I Beam
  • Type 304 stainless steel protective jacket
  • Dual energy package provides operational flexibility for electric and steam or boiler water power
  • Manway 12" x 16" size
  • Inspection opening 3" NPT
  • Specific third party approval including BV, NR-13, Lloyds or MIL sec


  • NEMA 4 weather resistant enclosure for outdoor/wet locations
  • Explosion resistant enclosure for hazardous locations
  • Built-in circuit breaker (with or without shunt trip) or a built-in non-fused On/Off disconnect switch
  • Alternate element sheath material (Incoloy, Stainless Steel, other)
  • Specialized heating elemtn construction including: Special watt density rating, passivation, electropolishing, hermetic seals or any other feature required to meet the needs of your application
  • Factory installed low water cut out device to disengage electrically the heating element(s) in the event of insufficient water in the tank
  • Dial thermometer and pressure gauge factory installed in the tank
  • Intra-tank circulation pump package with On/Off switch to continuously circulate water within the tank and thereby reduce stratification
  • Status indicationg lamp(s)
  • Audible alarm system
  • Digital display electronic temperature controller. Specify with or without RS485 communication port for remote operation of the temperature controller
  • Additional ground connections

Please note: optional equipment may impact overall dimensions and weight. Please request submittal drawing from factory.


What third party approvals are available?

The Hubbell water heater is built to both US and Canadian Standards under UL1453 (water heating only) file KSBZ.E239672 or UL834 (boilers and water heating) file BDJS.E51660. In addition, the Hubbell pressure vessel storage tank is built and stamped to ASME and National Board Registered. Other approvals are available upon request at the time of quoting, including CRN (Canadian Registration Number), NR-13 (Brazilian Regulation Standard Boilers and Pressure Vessels), ABS (American Bureau of Shipping), SASO (Saudi Arabia Standards Organization) and others. Please consult with your Hubbell Sales Engineer to discuss your third party approval requirements.

What is a sacrificial anode and does a cement lined tank need one?

All water heaters constructed using a steel tank requires a lining to protect the internal steel surfaces from corrosion. Certain linings (i.e. glass and epoxy), due to their nature, have unavoidable holes and imperfections resulting in exposure of the steel tank. As a result of this deficiency, the manufacturer will install an anode rod(s) in an attempt to delay corrosion of the steel tank. An anode rod is typically made of aluminum, magnesium or zinc, is a maintenance item that requires periodic inspection and replacement, and is often times the cause of a “rotten egg” odor to your hot water. Often referred to as a sacrificial anode rod because, over time, it slowly dissolves, sacrificing itself as it is attacked by aggressive substances in the water which would otherwise attack the steel tank through the pinholes and imperfections of the glass or epoxy lining. A cement lined steel tank on the other hand does not require an anode because of the thickness and guaranteed 100% coverage of the cement lining over all internal surfaces of the steel tank. This eliminates the need for an anode rod in a cement lined water heater, resulting in a significantly longer life compared to a glass or epoxy lined water heater. For a further discussion please click on the following link Cement Lining

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