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Hydrastone Cement

Hydrastone Cement

The Key to a Long Lasting Water Heater

The protective lining is the single most important feature when determining the quality of any water heater. The ability of a lining to protect the steel tank is primarily based upon its thickness and complete coverage of all steel surfaces. Hubbell Hydrastone cement lined tanks offer protection that other tank linings can't match and are proven to outlast glass, epoxy and other types of tank linings.

Reduced Operating Costs

Hubbell water heaters significantly reduce the total ownership cost of a water heater due to the longer life and maintenance-free benefits derived from a Hydrastone cement lined tank. Longer tank life is directly attributable to the unmatched tank protection provided by the Hydrastone cement lining. Additionally, Hubbell water heaters reduce operating expenses by eliminating the periodic inspection and replacement costs associated with maintaining a sacrificial anode in glass lined tanks.

Inside a Hydrastone Lined Tank

Hydrastone cement is specifically formulated to withstand the harsh effects of elevated water temperatures and water chemistry. As water fills a cement lined tank, it is absorbed into the tank lining. This causes the absorbed water to give up its oxygen, creating an inert layer between the steel tank and the corrosive hot water.

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