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304L Stainless Steel ASME Process Water Heaters

Hubbell Process V

Process Systems & Industrial
ASME Stamped
Up to 88 KW Single or Three Phase Voltages

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304L Stainless Steel ASME Process Water Heaters


The Hubbell Model V 304L Stainless Steel ASME Process Water Heater is a dependable and trouble-free source for hot water in continuous, cyclical or variable flow systems in a wide range of applications. The heart of the V Model is a solid stainless steel ASME stamped pressure vessel which is impervious to the corrosive effects of hot water and provides maximum vessel longevity. Only the highest quality materials and components are used to ensure reliable operation in even the most demanding application. The V Model is ready for immediate installation and service and all electrical operating controls are factory selected, sized and wired.

When you specify and install a Hubbell Model V, you will have confidence in knowing the owner will be provided with a trouble-free and long lasting source for hot water.



Industrial Grade Construction
  • Stainless steel pressure vessel provides maximum service life
  • ASME Section VIII stamped vessel ensures high quality construction
  • Heavy duty construction withstands demanding industrial use
  • Packaged with all electrical operating controls for efficient installation
Versatile Design
  • Small reserve capacity lowers peak power demand and reduces operating costs in systems with ON/OFF cyclical demand
  • Most units are easily upgradeable for future expansion
  • A full range of styles, sizes and optional features are readily available to meet your exact heating needs

Why Install A Hubbell Industrial Grade Water Heater?


  • The Hubbell process heater is designed to provide many years of operation. The tank is all stainless steel construction and is designed, constructed and stamped in strict conformance to ASME Section VIII.

Lower Operating Costs

  • The Hubbell pressure vessel is encapsulated in environmentally friendly CFC/HCFC free closed cell foam insulation to minimize stand-by heat loss. This high quality insulation reduces heat loss by more than half when compared to fiberglass type insulation.

Advanced Construction

  • Provides trouble-free system integration, operation and maintenance. Temperature control is provided by an electronic solid state digital display controller. The controller is fully adjustable from 32-194°F (0°-90°C) and includes an adjustable temperature differential. The heater includes an integral low water cut off feature to prevent the heating elements from dry firing and an internal leak detection sensor notifies an operator if water is present in the control cabinet. For further ease of service and maintenance, all controls are mounted such that when a component is removed for service no other component needs to be removed and all sensing functions are integrated into one probe. The heating element and sensing probe are straight thread screw types that utilize an O-ring to minimize leakage problems as is common with flat gaskets and NPT connections.
Stainless Steel ASME Process Water Heater Diagram for Model V6


Model V6 (1-18 kW) Dimensions

Model V6 (1-18 kW) Dimensions
Model V6 (1-18 kW) Dimensions

Model V6 (24-58.5 kW) Dimensions

Model V6 (24-58.5 kW) Dimensions
Model V6 (24-58.5 kW) Dimensions

Model V16 (4-58.5 kW) Dimensions

Model V16 (4-58.5 kW) Dimensions
Model V16 (4-58.5 kW) Dimensions


Optional Equipment
  • Slide mounting bracket for hanging installation (Model V6 only)
  • Form fitted protective outer cover for wet locations
  • Flanged toe stainless steel legs for floor mounting
  • Flanged inlet and outlet connections (ANSI Class 150)
  • Alternate threaded inlet/outlet connection size (Model V16 only)
  • Remote control package
  • Alternate high-temperature setpoint (210°F maximum)
  • Alarm contact for Hi-Limit or Low Water fault condition (N.O. or N.C.)
  • Low-temperature interlock/alarm
  • Pump interlock terminal block to prevent energizing when pump is not on
  • Sanitary connections
  • Dial temperature/pressure gauge for in-line installation (2 1/2" dial)
  • Solid state power controllers for increased temperature accuracy
  • Type 316L stainless steel heating elements
  • Additional tank tapping
  • Factory supplied manifold kit single point connection for redundancy and high demand applications
Dial thermometer and pressure gauge
Fully Packaged Systems
Manifold Assembly Options

Model V Water Heater Specifications

Model V Water Heater Specifications
Model V Water Heater Specifications 2
304L SS Model V Water Heater Specifications


Is this model approved by Massachusetts?

For the current listing of all Hubbell models approved by the Massachusetts Board of Plumbers and Gas Fitters please see the chart below or visit the website directly at
MA Plumbing Approval NumberHubbell ModelExpiration Date
P3-0914-61HD, J, V, PS, SLN, T9/3/2017
P1-1114-201EMV, CR, R, JTX, ETX, TX11/5/2017
P3-0813-66CE110, SE, E, HE, SH, H8/7/2016
G1-0813-4GX, DGX, JBX, JGX, CX8/7/2016

What is the formula to determine how much hot water I need?

To solve for the percentage of hot water to final mixed (i.e. tepid) water use the following equation. Cold Water ("C") is the temperature of water feeding the Hubbell model EMV heater. Hot Water ("H") is the temperature of water stored in the Hubbell model EMV heater. Mixed water ("M") is the temperature of the Tepid water that exits the Hubbell mixing valve. FORMULA: M-C divided by H-C = % of Hot Water to final Mixed water. For example, determine the percent of of 170F hot water required for a mixed (i.e. tepid) supply of 85F water when the cold water supply is 50F. 85-50 = 35 170-50 = 120 35 divided by 120 = 0.29 Therefore, 29% of the mixed 85F water must be 170F.

Can my heater ship via UPS?

Yes. Hubbell packages and ships this model water heater via United Parcel Service (UPS).

Do Hubbell water heaters qualify as Low Lead?

Yes, all Hubbell water heater models qualify as meeting the low lead requirements of the “Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act” amendment to the “Safe Drinking Water Act” (SDWA) Section 1417(d) effective as of January 4, 2014. Hubbell certifies that its water heaters meet the following requirements of the SDWA and therefore are qualified and certified as Low Lead : (a)Hubbell water heater do not contain more than 0.2 percent lead with respect to solder and flux (b)Hubbell water heaters do not contain more than a weighted average of 0.25 percent lead with respect to all wetted surfaces of the water heater

What is the difference between solid-state and electromechanical relays?

Depending on the application, one switch may be more advantageous than the other. Please refer to this article to read more about the differences between solid-state and electromechanical relays.

How do I prepare my water heater for long term storage?

The water heater must be stored in the orientation of intended use (vertical, horizontal). The recommended ambient air temperature range is between 50 and 105 degree F and not exceeding 65% Rh. Under no conditions should the unit be subject to freezing temperatures. The unit is intended to be stored indoors, protected from the elements. Desiccant material should be inserted into the electric control panel and heating element terminal house (if applicable). Prolonged storage will require periodic inspection of desiccant. For cement lined tanks only, place approximately 10 gallons of water in the tank before closing and sealing all openings to ensure a humid atmosphere for the lining is maintained. Cap and seal all openings and tank tappings and/or flanges. Provide the necessary protection to ensure the tank and all accessories are protected from physical contact that could result in damage. Shrink wrapping or other suitable protective plastic may be applied to the exterior. Start up and installation guidelines must be followed, with particular attention to testing of the electric heating element.

What is the typical lead time?

The Hubbell Model V process water heaters typically ships within 1-2 days after receipt of an order.

What size piping is required for the heater installations?

¾" piping.

How is the heater to be positioned when installed?

The Hubbell process water heater must be installed in a horizontal position, with the base parallel to the floor and the inlet connection at the lowest point. Ideally, the heater should be located as close as possible to the point of use to ensure timely delivery of hot water to your application.

What is the function of the low water cut-off?

The low water cut-off (LWCO) is a protective electronic device wired within the control circuit designed to shut off power to the heating elements in the event a low or insufficient water level is detected in the tank. This safety device prevents the elements from energizing and burning out in a low or no water condition. The LWCO is factory configured to automatically reset when the water level is safe, but can be field configured for manual reset if desired.

What is step loading?

All Hubbell process water heaters (both the 6 gallon and the 16 gallon models) are controlled by an electronic temperature controller which provides step load operation for all models with more than one heating circuit. The Hubbell electronic controller operates each heating circuit independently, allowing each circuit to be energized as needed and non-simultaneously with another circuit. During periods of use, the first stage (i.e. circuit) heating elements will energize and if additional heating is required the second stage (circuit) will energize. In addition, the Hubbell electronic controller rotates the circuits and utilizes “first on first off” logic to equalize wear and tear on all circuits. This step loading, also referred to as staging, allows for reduced energy costs compared to a system that has all of its heating circuits controlled together in an all ON or all OFF manner.

How does the heater ship?

All Hubbell model V6 6 gallon models ship via UPS. All Hubbell model V16 16 gallon models ship via common carrier under National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) class 100. To provide the lowest transportation cost, in most cases the shipment is made on Hubbell’s account and the shipping cost is added to the invoice, commonly referred to as “Pre pay and add”.

What key information is required when sizing a heater?

Essential information is the temperature of the incoming cold water, desired exiting (hot) temperature and flow rate (GPM). The formula to determine the amount of kW the heater needs to be is as follows: GPM x °F Temp Rise x 0.1465 = kW required. For cyclical demands with predictable ON/OFF patterns it may be possible to reduce the kw from the above formula, please complete the sizing information in section 2-B of the sales brochure and consult your Hubbell Sales Engineer.

What standard accessories are included with the Hubbell heater?

All Hubbell model V process water heaters are supplied with the following accessories shipped loose: One (1) T&P relief valve, one (1)combo temperature and pressure gauge, two (2) dielectric unions and one (1) set of four 6" plastic legs.

What voltages are available for the Hubbell heater?

Hubbell model V process water heaters are available in a wide range of kw ratings for the following voltages: 120v, 208v, 240v, 380v, 415v, 440v, 480v, 575v and 600v. Hubbell heaters are also available for nominal voltages (e.g. 220v, 230v, 460v etc…), please consult factory to determine the kw selection available for these voltages.


Hubbell shall warranty all electrical components against defects in workmanship and material for a period of one (1) year from date of start-up and the pressure vessel for three (3) years from date of start-up, provided that the unit is started within three (3) months of date of factory shipment and installed and operated within the scope of the water heater's design and operating capability.

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